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Starting from scratch or redesigning an existing site? VerticalIntergration is prepared to assist you in the development of an effective web presence.
VerticalIntergration can design, host and construct several different types of web sites:
- a traditional "billboard" page, incorporating text, graphics and links to other sites.
- an advanced "virtual venue" for product support, containing automatic email routing, question and answer message boards, "download-able" documents and data, technical support databases and information searching mechanisms.
- a higher level "virtual storefront", allowing online ordering through a secure server, password protected data, form based survey capabilities, inline animation and additional application driven pages.
One of the most exciting advances in web site development is the inclusion of database-oriented technologies which allow companies to offer users a direct look at their current inventories, listings and collections.
VerticalIntergration can seamlessly integrate most existing databases within your web pages, making the databases fully searchable, as well as enabling the updating of information where appropriate.
If you have products to offer then you should be selling on the Internet.
Gone are the days where only the giants were able to afford the complex software required to process online transactions. Today, anyone can.
E-commerce not only changed the face of the Internet, but the way business is conducted worldwide. Now, many businesses primary method of selling is the Internet.
Whether you require an enterprise-wide solution to integrate your online selling capability with your backend process, or a simple shopping cart solution to sell only a few items, VerticalIntergration has the capability and expertise to help.
Your e-commerce site will include an online ordering catalog, and can be linked to your current product database. Your site will feature online, real-time credit card processing, order status, shipment tracking, and tons of backend tools for you to manage your orders and develop a customer database.
VerticalIntergration can aid you in developing your company's online persona by creating graphical elements to enable viewers to easily navigate around your site. Whether using or manipulating stock clip art and stock photos or developing new images from scratch, we can turn your web site into a multimedia experience for any of its visitors.
VerticalIntergration employs state of the art graphic tools to create visually pleasing layouts, compositions and designs for it web sites. We blend this with the innovative power of digital communications to establish our clients' online presence.
Often, a company or organization will assess the strengths and weaknesses of its current web site and make the decision that its best course of action is to seek a redesign of the site, in whole or in part.
VerticalIntergration takes a great interest in helping to identify different strategies for a web site and implementing thos strategies. If your company or organization has an existing web site but would like to look into incorporating new strategies and innovations, we can help.

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